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Our goal is to provide products that care for our pets without compromising the environment. The health and therapeutic properties of some of our products are so beneficial that we have decided to carry them even though they may not be as eco-friendly as some others.

Recycling materials: Reusing items diverts waste from landfills.
There are many products available today that are manufactured with recycled materials. From beds that are constructed with recycled soda bottles to metal hood ornaments for cars, purchasing products made with recycled materials “closes the loop”, and helps preserve our planet.

Organic /Natural ingredients
Pesticides, chemical fertilizers, and chemical preservatives are harmful to our animals and our environment. Our Anti-Itch Shampoos and Sprays are made from all natural and organic ingredients. Our Biodegradable Wipes are made from natural ingredients and our Poop bags are Biodegradable as well.

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