Shelter Dog of The Week

Shelter Dog of The Week

We understand there isn't a lot of good news going around these days. But one positive that we've seen at The Green Pet Shop is dog shelters are emptying at a record pace. In the past few weeks, we've seen both New York and Chicago have their city dog shelters adopt out all their dogs! This is a silver lining in a time where we could all us one. 

This got us thinking, how can we keep this trend going. It was with that thought in mind that we came up with the Shelter Dog of the Week! Each week across all of our social media channels, we're partnering up with one of our favorite shelters in Chicago, One Tail at a Time to help spread the word about the great dogs they have and help find them homes. We're excited to partner with One Tail at a time, but we realize they're just one of a number of deserving shelters in the city that needs help clearing during this time. 

We think this initiative will help raise awareness of great shelters around the city and everything they do. We want to spread pictures of stories of the amazing dogs waiting to find their forever homes. We hope that everyone can help spread the word, even if they aren't looking to add a pup to their family right now. 

We think now, with all of us following social distancing guidelines, it's a perfect time for people hoping to find their forever friend. It's not a decision to be made lightly, but we feel that if you've been thinking about adopting a dog, now is the time. We're also offering beginner care packages to help make the transition to a new home a little bit easier. 

Please follow us on social media and share our posts as we try to find forever homes for as many dogs as possible! 

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