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    Biodegradable KatPak Litter Box – 4 Pack


    “BEST NEW PRODUCT” by The Editors of Pet Business

    Would you spend about $0.67 a day to never have to worry about a dirty litter box again???

    A “throw away” litter house! No more liners, scooping, or changing litter. Cuts down on odors and scattering.

    100% Disposable and 100% biodegradable.

    Only Here!!!

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    Product Description

    A Green Pet Shop Exclusive! – “BEST NEW PRODUCT” By the editors of Pet Business Magazine

    Forget about cleaning litter boxes! No more litter mess! KatPak is the new disposable, hygienic, easy to use, affordable answer! !

    No more having to scoop or wash a litter box, no more accidental litter spills. Throw out those liners. The KatPak solves all those dirty, unpleasant, bothersome tasks while at the same time cutting down on odors and scattering. Simply use as you would a normal litterbox and then just throw out!

    The KatPak is made from recycled paper and is 100% biodegradable. Perfect for apartment living, seniors, travel, hotels, pregnant women, babies, children and those just not wanting to deal with litter mess ever again. KatPak is a hooded tray made from heavy duty recycled paper that folds up like an accordion for easy convenience. What could be easier?

    Sturdy, no leakage, complete with handles. No fuss, no mess.

    KatPak takes away all the fuss and bother of having a litter box. A disposable, covered litter tray made entirely of paper that can last up to seven days. Afterward simply pick it up and throw it away. Completely bio-degradable.

    Travel and want to bring the fur ball but the litter issue is just too much? No more. Just unfold the Katpak and spread an even amount of litter. Leave Puss and Boots to do the rest. Then simply dispose. (The KatPak not the cat!)

    • Easy To Use
    • Lightweight
    • Strong
    • Water Resistant
    • Reduces Smells
    • No Clean Up
    • Cuts Scattering
    • Lasts Up To 7 Days
    • Reduces The Risk Of Infections
    • Easy To Travel With
    • Eco-Friendly
    • Made From Re-cycled Paper

    This is a fun one! Another use for the KatPak!


    A Healthy Cat Is A Happy Cat

    4 To A PACK!

    Open size is 13w*15h*18.9L

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    Weight 1.0000 lbs

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