Pets and Pesticides

You may not realize that the use of pesticides can make your pet sick. These are poisons designed to kill living things and can be as deadly to pets as they are to pests. I lost a dog once because she ate snail poison which taste very sweet. It had been applied a month earlier. Be careful! It’s a tough loss.
Here’s some words of advice from, “Safer Pest Control Project”.

Never apply pesticides when pets are on the lawn
Use natural lawn care techniques. You don’t need all that chemical stuff when treating your yard. Formore information see SPCP’s “Natural Lawn Care Factsheet”
Remove all feeding bowls, water dishes and pet toys from any area before applying a pesticide.
Follow these steps:
identify the chemical
determine exposure, whether diluted or from concentrate, and how much time has elapsed since application
take the product with you to the vet
save vomit for possible analysis

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