Pet Cooling Products

Green Pet has a wide selection of pet cooling products to help keep your four-legged friends comfortable and healthy. Hot days can be especially hard on dogs and cats because their fur means they can’t cool down as quickly as people do. This is why having our pet cooling products can go a long way to making the summers more bearable for them, help prevent overheating and keep your pets happy. The cooling products for cats and dogs found on this page feature patented cooling gel formulas and pads.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are pet cooling products worth it?

Pets are at risk of exhaustion and heat stroke when the weather gets warmer. Having one of these cat and dog cooling products gives them a place to cool down quickly so you can prevent these issues. They don’t require electricity or water to do the job, so they’re much easier to use than filling mats up with water, or having access to an electrical outlet to refrigerate or freeze.

Do self-cooling pet mats work?

Our patented cooling technology enables the creation of self-cooling mats that work for hours.

Can a dog sleep on a cooling mat all night?

Absolutely. Many dogs prefer to have a cool place to sleep, so one of these cooling products for pets makes the perfect place for them to bed down for the night.

Are dog cooling mats safe?

They are safe to use, however, you should keep an eye on your pet for the first few days to make sure it doesn’t chew on the mat. While the gel is non-toxic, allergic reaction can occur which can affect the health of your pet. We always recommend talking to your vet if your pet ingests any part of the Cool Pet Pad. To help prevent your pet from chewing the pad, we offer covers for all of our cooling products.

How can I get my dog used to a cooling mat?

If your pet is uncertain about the mat, one trick is to place a few toys and/or treats there until it becomes comfortable with using it.

Can dogs or cats overheat while in the house?

If the temperature inside your home becomes too much for your pet, it may suffer from heat exhaustion or heatstroke. This is especially true for pets that are overweight or have a thick coat. Our cooling mats can help prevent this from happening.