Warming Mats For Dogs

Help your four-legged friend stay warm even when it’s chilly outside with Green Pet’s selection of warming mats for dogs. These warming pads for pets provide consistent, gentle warmth that helps not only when the weather gets cold, but also when older dogs and cats have body aches and pains. Because our warming beds for pets, such as the Crazy Warm Pet Pad, don’t use electricity, they’re also convenient and easy to care for anywhere in your home.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do self-heating animal pads work?

Many pets, especially cats, want a nice, warm place to curl up and relax. As pets get older, they also have a harder time maintaining their body heat and may suffer from arthritis or general muscle aches. These warming pads for pets offer them a spot where they can feel warm and cozy no matter what.

Is the warming pet mat waterproof?

Yes, it’s waterproof because it uses a chemical reaction rather than electricity to warm it. There’s no risk of electrocution if the mat becomes wet.

Are these pet heating pads safe?

Because they don’t use electricity, they’re perfectly safe for your pets to use.

How hot do these warming mats for cats and dogs get?

The tourmaline powder used to create the chemical reaction that warms these mats is an active mineral that stimulates blood flow and produces a safe, gentle level of heat that isn’t excessively hot the way some electric heating pads can be.