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The warming pad is thinner than I was expected but Ruger lays on it all the time and seems to really like it.

Great product, will buy more.

I have searched for a long time for this product. I have a long hair Ruby King Charles Spaniel that is panting if the temp gets above 75!! So I originally got it to be used in the car. Then we had a sudden late summer in the 90’s - 100’s!!
So I brought it indoors and use it everywhere my dog might be spending time . Even in the garden! It took a couple of days for him to figure out what it could do and what it was for, but as soon as it did, it became “his favorite spot”! You can tell he claims it is his and is proud of it! Even likes to get silly and roll all over his back on it!
Durable, and washable with a cloth, I would like a few more!


My 105lb lab Bruno loves this cooling pad! I find him on it all the time rather than laying on just tile. I like that it’s also easy to clean

Great for Hawaii

My dog lays on it every day. I check the security camera and he’s always on it!

Chilz mat

My Newfie loves it. It keeps her cool!

Cool Pet Pad Covers

Your covers are fine from a practical perspective, but I would have liked them a lot better if you didn’t have your name and a bloody great logo on the TOP of the cover. It doesn’t exactly look good, decoratively speaking! I’m rather disappointed that you feel the need to advertise so prominently. If I’d realized, I probably wouldn’t have bought it. I guess it's my fault for not looking at the image more closely before I ordered.

Bulldog’s dream~

Awesome for My English Bulldog especially in the summer months....brings downs his body temperature and helps his breathing~

Very Pleased with Thera-Paws

I purchased this at PetSmart for my outdoor cats. I put it on top of the straw in their house and they love it. I was a little skeptical but I noticed it is warmI plan on purchasing a larger one for them. Five stars for this product!

Nice bowls

I like the shape of the round better, would like the small to be round as well but still a good bowl. Like that it is not plastic

Cool Pet Pad

My Yorkie loves to cool off on this pad. I recommend a size larger

Not used

My gentle giant dog is afraid of it! The XL size I ordered isn’t as large as stated in the description. Even if she would try it out, her head, legs and rear wouldn’t even be on it.

Nice product!

You can feel it cool as you put your hand on it and keep in place. My dog goes to it often when he is hot and the pool is closed

Our 130 lb dog looks his cooling mat, it gets really hot here in GA!!!!

He loves it!

I bought this product (with accompanying cover) for my friend's dog who has aggressive skin cancer. Because he must wear a UV protective outfit most of the day, he gets hot easier. This pad helps keep him cool and she says sometimes he even just stands there a bit to get his cooling fix. It's wonderful and easily moveable, as well!

Great Cool Pad !

This company is the best.

2nd purchase

Love this cooling pad! Now that my pup grew out of his digging, at least inside time to replace! Does it’s job do well and he can’t sleep without it! Recommend to anyone who’s dog needs to cool off thru the seasons!

my #1 choice for pet lean up

5 star. This product is the best of any that I have used ( and I have tried plenty). I have dogs and cats.

My girl LOVES it!

I bought one, and when I saw how my Golden Retriever loved it I bought another for other places.
Great product!

Happy Fur Mommy

This is the best cooling mat ever. This is our 4th one and it is "Never fail!". Be careful if you have a chewer or aggressive chewer - place this mat inside a zippered cotton or flannel covering as the first place a chewer will attempt is the corner of the mat. We have ours in a canvas covered bed and its cooling power is not detoured by this.

Bamboo dog bowl

This is the second bamboo bowl I have purchased the first was slightly higher on one end, and I loved it. I like this one a lot too though.

Potty pads

Love the bamboo potty pads. At home, I use them with a plastic tray, but on the go I just put down the pad. Nothing goes through! She’s almost 6, and has been trained to outdoors and indoors. It was a smart move because I never

My dog is six, and it’s reassuring that I don’t have to worry if I’m delayed. These are the best pads we have found... and they are eco-friendly bamboo. I am thrilled that I found them!!!

Cool Pad- couldn't do without it!

My Newf, Raya, absolutely loves her cool pad- she sleeps on it every night, and also has some daytime naps on it. I would have one upset girl without it!!

Cool Pet Pad (SM, MED, M/L, LG, XL)

XL Cool pet pad.

Got to Canada within 6 days - amazing!!
Dog loves the pad - now that he's figured out what it does. He's a 120 lb Bernese cross and so the only drawback of the XL is that he is just a bit too long for it.
I see him rearranging himself every so often so that he can cool other parts of his body. I think if you made one half again as large that would work better for Bernese and other large/giant dog breeds as well...Pyranese, St. Bernards, Sheepdogs, Danes, Wolfhounds etc.

Bamboo Training Pads