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Cool Pet Pad keeps Husky comfy

My Husky wasn't quite sure about the Cool Pet Pad at first but she seems to spend alot of time on it now since it's in her crate. Living in Michigan she LUVS being out in the cold winter air and snow but now the Cooling Pad can keep her more comfy and relaxed when indoors too. In warmer weather, we'll try the Pad outdoors. I like that the pad can be wiped clean and it's totally encased.

Ruger loves it

This pad was one of Ruger's Christmas gifts and he loves it!

Wieners highly recommend!!

Mazie & Madelyne are over the moon with this warming pad. Such a great bed they refuse to share so mom had to get two!! Especially nice for those snowy mornings/nights when the temp is unreasonably low (under 65 degrees). Great for home & travel. Will be sure to have mom get one for our cousins in California too. Thanks Green Pet Shop for a cozy 2019 Xmas.

The warming pad is thinner than I was expected but Ruger lays on it all the time and seems to really like it.

Great product, will buy more.

I have searched for a long time for this product. I have a long hair Ruby King Charles Spaniel that is panting if the temp gets above 75!! So I originally got it to be used in the car. Then we had a sudden late summer in the 90’s - 100’s!!
So I brought it indoors and use it everywhere my dog might be spending time . Even in the garden! It took a couple of days for him to figure out what it could do and what it was for, but as soon as it did, it became “his favorite spot”! You can tell he claims it is his and is proud of it! Even likes to get silly and roll all over his back on it!
Durable, and washable with a cloth, I would like a few more!


My 105lb lab Bruno loves this cooling pad! I find him on it all the time rather than laying on just tile. I like that it’s also easy to clean

Great for Hawaii

My dog lays on it every day. I check the security camera and he’s always on it!

Chilz mat

My Newfie loves it. It keeps her cool!

Cool Pet Pad Covers

Your covers are fine from a practical perspective, but I would have liked them a lot better if you didn’t have your name and a bloody great logo on the TOP of the cover. It doesn’t exactly look good, decoratively speaking! I’m rather disappointed that you feel the need to advertise so prominently. If I’d realized, I probably wouldn’t have bought it. I guess it's my fault for not looking at the image more closely before I ordered.

Bulldog’s dream~

Awesome for My English Bulldog especially in the summer months....brings downs his body temperature and helps his breathing~

Superb Cool Pillow

I have been searching for years for a pillow or pad that would keep my head cool at night. I bought two so I could interchange them during the night. Absolutely Superb!

Great product

This product does keep our dog cool

Thera paws warming pads

My pets have not used them yet. They have a problem with anything new or strange. I like them.

We and our dog love the Cool Pet Pad. We have a large sheepadoodle, and she always is seeking a cool surface on which to sleep. The Cool Pet Pad allows her to sleep very comfortably in her dog bed. We also received the pads very quickly which was great!

Cool, literally!!!

My mom rescued a beautiful Great Pyrenees girl who gets warm very easily! This pad is the perfect size for her (85lbs, XL pad) and she enjoys lying on it, especially after walks! Wonderful product!!

Excellent product

I have two Alaskan Malamutes. I have 2 cool pads. Best thingbgg i ever bought for them. They do prefer to lay in the snow, but these sure are second best to snow!!!
Thank you so much for having these for my babies!!

Life Saver!

I have purchased several pads for our miniature schnauzer. He gets so hot traveling in the car or sometimes even in our house. The pads provide
immediate, long-lasting relief. I buy two so I can rotate them if necessary and give one time to regenerate and become cold again. They are a
lifesaver and make it so much easier to travel with our boy as well as survive the summer!

Cool Pet Pad is the coolest!!

This is probably the 5th cool pad I have purchased for my dogs. They just love it and I like for them to have a cool place to lie down especially during the summer. There is no mess, very easy to care for. Will probably keep buying them as long as I have big dogs with lots of fur!

Our Bernadoodle loves it!!!

He used to pant at night, sleeping on the end of our bed. The cool pad keeps him cool and comfortable all night! Great product!!

Loves It!

My cat loves her new warming bed. Highly recommend it.

Love these!

I’ve tried all different kinds of bags and these by far are my favorite. I love the fun design and that they’re not made from plastic.

Great products that make you feel good buying

The bamboo wee wee pads are super absorbent and a great price! I have been using this for some time now and work better than other brands I've purchased!

Very Pleased with Thera-Paws

I purchased this at PetSmart for my outdoor cats. I put it on top of the straw in their house and they love it. I was a little skeptical but I noticed it is warmI plan on purchasing a larger one for them. Five stars for this product!

Nice bowls

I like the shape of the round better, would like the small to be round as well but still a good bowl. Like that it is not plastic

Cool Pet Pad

My Yorkie loves to cool off on this pad. I recommend a size larger