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Cold Bed

My Dog gets hot because he sleeps on a 5 inch thick foam orthopedic bed. This has eliminated his constant panting. Sometimes, I take the Cold Pad outside & supercharge it by placing it on the cold concrete (It's February) . This keeps it cooler even longer! I wish I had known about this product sooner. It really does work!

Must Have if you have a cool gel mat

My dog loves your gel cool mats. He has used them most of his dog years. He was sensitive to the surface of the mat and developed allergies and vet suggested covering it. Magic! His skin condition disappeared. Got one for each one of his mats. Great product.....just throw it in a large mesh bag and put it in the washer.

Cool review for a good quality made bed.

My dog is finally able to chill out with this bed. She gets hot easily. I didn’t want to shave her in the middle of winter. It also helps with her achy joints. I might have to invest in another one she’s on the mat constantly. Lacey says thank you to the green pet shop for making a cool bed.

Great Cool Pad!

After many years, my boy wore out his cool pad. It was flat as a pancake. I'm very happy to report he is once again one happy and cool dude. Best pad out there in my opinion.

Matt case cover

Helps to keep the Matt clean, only thing I would change is to make it a zip close case.

Crazy warm pet pad

I purchased 2 for my Westies. One is 15 years old and has lost a good deal of coat so he tends to get cold and shiver. Both seem to like the pads very much.

Love it

This is our second cooling Matt from you and we love it!

Cool Pet Pad
Cool Pet Pad

I have two dogs Maya Dog & Sergei and take them everywhere I can so I use these pads constantly especially here in south Florida. I have purchased 4 of these pads with covers one for each crate and bike trailer, weather we are outside at a Barn Hunt Class or on a bicycle (ok recumbent trike) trail I know they are staying cooler.

Our Brittany Loves It!

Copper found it on our hardwood floor and laid on it and that was it, the Cool Pet Pad was his spot.

Cool Pet Pad is Really a Cool Thing

Our two very active Norfolk Terriers frequently have sought out cool floors in the house over the years to cool down after outdoor activities and routine walks. They are often panting afterward, and it takes them time to cool down (we live in Orlando, FL). These mats (we started out with one and now we have three) are their favorite places to take a cooling rest and a great mat for them to sleep on. Our youngest Norfolk now always sits A Cool Pad each night and watches TV with us! The Pad placed over a soft undersurface is perfect for sleeping, and they even love it on the bare floor or in the car on long rides. And the Cool Pad lives up to its promise of staying cool and basically wicking away heat from our dogs’ bodies. I recommend this pad for any dog owner who that wants a nice way to happily cool their dog.

Great cooling pad!!

We bought this for our new bernese mountain dog puppy to go in her crate. She absolutely loves it and would rather lay in there than on carpet when given the choice. I also laid on it and it gets COLD. Super impressed with it.

Cool Cosmo!

Cos is 11+ years old and suffers from hip dysplasia. As soon as the mat was on the floor, he took to it and seems to really love it. And as you can see, glad I got the largest size (so is Cos!!)

My newfoundland loves his cooling matt!

I have been buying these for, four year's. The gel keeps it's cooling properties very well and if the matt does gets pierced by a nail or tooth, the gel does not leak out. The XL is definitely not large enough for a giant breed so if you are buying for one, order two.

Must-Have Purchase

Such a great product! Arrived quickly after ordering; I only wish I had bought one sooner. Definitely helps keep my pup cool, especially during these hot summer months. I love that it is so easy to use and can be placed anywhere. I just move the cool pad to whatever room I’m in, and my pup lays down on it. I can tell she enjoys it too! I’ve recommended this product to all my friends with dogs!

Great cooling pad, durable and works great, just a little on the expensive side but worth it

my dog didn’t like that it was slippery to walk over it and he avoided it at first, but now loves it. It keeps him nice and cool, my cat is a fan of the pad too!

Cool Pet Pad + Cover

Our rescue dog has heart disease. He loves to take long walks and although we keep them short, we needed something to help him cool down quickly in this Florida heat. He took to the mat quickly. Brings me peace of mind.

2nd cooling pad

Our pets use the pads at home and in the car! Added the washable cover for the xl pad and it fit great.
Excellent product and great customer service!!!

Best cooling pads

These are the absolute best cooling pads for our pups. We have been using them for several years and decided to order more in different sizes and basically have them in every room of our home. They work just as described. Best used indoors. We have other cooling pads however have gone back to the green pet shop. They work and are the best!

Louie loves it!

Received the cool pad as a gift and I was skeptical at first and really doubted my 3-year old Springer Spaniel would use the pad. Typically, he will lay on the cool hardwood floors when its hot instead of the carpet. Now, he's all about his cool pad. He has the option to lay on the cool pad or his regular bed and during hot weather he will always choose the cool pad. It works, and he loves it!

Best Mat for Hot Pups!!

We noticed our new puppy was always hot and laying out on the hardwood floors. He also had to shift around often once the hardwood underneath him warmed up. He instantly fell in love with this cooling mat! He uses it all the time and now we even put it in his crate to keep him cool at night.

Great product!

We bought this for our white siberian husky which is always hot. She loves it and lays on it all the time!


My pup had a leg amputation and this was recommended as something that would help him heal. I only wish I'd known this existed sooner! He's a large boy with thick fur and he always gets so hot in the summer. It took him about 2 days to realize this made him feel amazing very quickly. Now, it's his favorite spot in the house and he naps HARD!! I just bought the cover since 3 legs makes it hard to stand on the slippery surface, though!

Great mat, works well!

It took a day for my cat to get used to this cooling mat, but now he lies on it every day. I think putting the cover on it helps, as he may like the texture of that better to lie on. The mat is very solid and cool to the touch! I left it on the corner of my bed for my cat and could even notice the coolness from under the covers when touching it with my foot. This is great for hot days with no air conditioning in the house. I wish there were more color options in stock for the mat covers; I got the dark green one but would have wanted gray or blue.

Best cooling mat! Worth the investment. My senior bulldog loves it!

I bought several cooling mats through years from name various department stores, and the mat from The Green Pet Shop is truly a high quality thick gel mat. The thickness is a plus for my bully because of his arthritis. It’s so much easier on his joints because their is a give when he steps on it or when has to lift himself up.

Best Customer Service

My English Bulldog puppy chewed on the cooling mat, which I had only had for about a hot minute. When I inquired to Green Pet about a patch kit for the mats, customer service offered me 50% off a new mat. Patch kits are not available, but I was able to get a new mat, free shipping, 50% off and delivered within a week of ordering. Great customer service!!! I recommend and would order from them again.