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Cool Pet Pad
Kayden (Washington, United States)
Cat seems to love it from day 1

My cat was definitely offput with the new mat for the first couple minutes, but stood and laid on it after. I see her laying on it randomly throughout the day. I'm looking forward to her having it on the 90+ degree weather. I think buying the cover was a great idea. I may even buy another!

Cool Pet Pad
Clare Wattam (Saskatchewan, Canada)
My lab loves it!

Recently bought the Cool Pet Pad to help keep my black lab cool in the summer. We went for our first hike of the season this weekend and he loved the cooling pad on breaks and while recovering after the hike. It was >20°C and sunny and the pad stayed nice and cool the whole time. It's even light enough that I carry it with me in my backpack so we can use it on breaks too. Only problem is there isn't enough room for me AND the dog! I might have to get another one for myself.

Cool Pet Pad
Connie Deaver (Oregon, United States)
Great way to chill

This is the second cooling pad we have gotten our dog. We adopted our dog back in July 2017 and the day after the cooling pad arrived the temperature was 109°. The grandkids and the dog were fighting over who got to use it. I love the way that it’s maintenance free and just recharges itself to get cool again. My dog loves it. Even though we live in cooler climate ( with the exception to an unusual heat wave), he loves to lay on it year-round. So when it wore out after five years we wanted to get the same thing again because we know it’s a great product.

Cool Pet Pad
Inez Holnapy (Ohio, United States)
Satisfied schnauzer

With the hot muggy summer months coming in Ohio I knew we had to get Liam another cooling pet pad. This is his 2nd one from the green pet shop. As soon as he comes in from his walks he plops down on it for quite awhile. This was a great investment for my pooch! He loves it!
Inez H. North Royalton Oh

Cool Pet Pad
Melissa Griffith (Virginia, United States)
Corgi needed some chill:)

So I always worry about my corgi since the humidity in Virginia is so high. He constantly pants and a wet towel was not comfy. He loves his cooling pad and I love how easy I can clean it. I have yet to see him panting since I got it

Cool Pet Pad
deborah mcdowell (California, United States)

Great product.

Cool Pet Pad
Chari Birnholz (California, United States)
Happy Bunny

My bunny loves his cooling pad and cover. He used to like to lay on a long metal strip in the bathroom doorway, but I moved, and all he could do for a long time was to lay his head on the wood floor to cool off. Now he leans halfway over his furry pet bed and lays his head on the cooling pad. The size is perfect. He started sitting on it immediately. He just knew.

Cool Pet Pad
Bridget Mary Murphy (Wisconsin, United States)
best ever!!!

I live the cooling pad. I first saw it a year ago. I have an aging lab (12) who loves to lay on it after she has been running around with my younger lab.. My younger guy just loves to lay on it. They both get hot after romping around.

Thank you Larry and Brian!


Cool Pet Pad
Darlene Daley (California, United States)
Cool, Cool Pet Pad

These pads are simply The Best and this is The Only place you should buy them! I’ve used them for years, they only last around 3 years, but the dogs hardly budge from them. I branched out and my 2 granddogs are enjoying them too!

Cool Pet Pad
Jade Elliott (Maine, United States)
Cool Pet Pad did the trick!

I bought this for my daughter’s Golden Retriever. He loves to stay cool but can’t manage the stairs to their basement rec room anymore. The Cool Pet Pad is now his favorite spot in the house.

Cool Pet Pad Cover
RJ (Nevada, United States)
Cooling Pad So Cool

My girl seeks the cool. My bed was too warm for her and we love to cuddle. I put the pad on my bed now we are cozy together with the right temperature for both of us.

Cool Pet Pad
Customer (New York, United States)
My Australian Shepherd loves this

My dog who is always hot loves this cooling pad very much. He lays on it everytime he gets hot or after he plays balls outside.

Cool Pet Pad
Heather Noll (Kansas, United States)
Cool pet pad

I purchased this pad for my 20 month old German Shepherd and he loves it. He's always hot and lays on it after getting back from playing ball at the park and even at night. Well worth the money and very easy to clean.

Cool Pet Pad
Kathy Gundling (Maryland, United States)
Cool Pad is COOL!

Our thick double-coated Sheltie just loved this right out of the box and it isn't even summer yet (March). Very well and thoughtfully packaged. So glad we got this for her (with the cover for protection from a claw snag). We got one oversized for her body so she can move from side to side while taking long naps - one side "recharges" while she is on the other side. She loves car rides and now can stay cool in the back seat on a longer than normal ride (trips). Thanks much!

Cool Pet Pad
Amanda Mcginty (Kansas, United States)
Leonberger loves it!

We got two for our leonberger to help him keep cool. We put them side by side so he is able to cool down his whole body. It also helps as he can then switch to the other one if one gets less cool. He loves them. They are great! You should get them for your dog! He likes to get on them right after a walk when he’s trying to cool off.

Cool Pet Pad
Kim (New Jersey, United States)
My German Shepherd loves it!

As it gets warmer everyday my double coated german shepherd started panting so hard. His cool pad was ruined last year so I decided to get this higher quality one this time. So far he loves it. It’s his go-to place whenever he feels warm.

Cool Pet Pad
Andrea Antoine (Colorado, United States)
Love the cooling pad!

I have a blue heeler, double coat is not fun when it's hot in Denver. I purchased the cooling pad to replace a generic brand one I purchased from a huge product website last year; The Green Pet Shop's cooling pad is so worth it! I wish I'd purchased this originally. The construction is much better than the generic one, my dog and cat both love it. I also purchased the cover, highly recommend for pets as they can scratch the cooling pad (my cat has already done so because he's terrible, we just put some tape over the scratches and then the cover on top.

My bulldog loves it

Always get what I ordered fast and my bulldog seems to stir much less in his crate after getting this pad. My house is around 68 at night and my bulldog is sensitive about cold and heat so wasnt sure if he would like it but seems like he does. Also the orthopedic padding is good for his joints too.

Cool Pet Pad
E.H. (Georgia, United States)

I've purchased a large for my 14 year old Australian Shephard Mutt for his arthritis and achey bones. It's been in use for well over 6 months and work great. He uses it off and on as he moseys from bed to bed, but it is in his regular rotation. I'd love a second as we have 3 dogs, but it is kind of pricey.

Cool Pet Pad
Karla Russell (Pennsylvania, United States)
Cooling Pet Pad

These cooling pet pads work great! We have a hot-natured dog and she prefers to lay on the cooling pads rather than her orthopedic beds all day, every day, throughout the year. So we have a cooling pad for each room! I purchased the XL for our 55lb dog as she likes to lay stretched out on the pad. I also ordered the covers which work great since they can be changed and washed regularly.

Crazy Warm Pet Pad
Joyce Wood (Washington, United States)
Cozy and warm

Very nice quality. It delivers what is promises and it's so nice.

Cool Pet Pad
Laura (Indiana, United States)
Great cooling pad!

This is a great, high quality product! My golden retriever runs hot and loves laying on it. I know he will like it even more in the summer. It is made of a durable material with good seams. I can feel the cooling action. I got the cover and it fits great. Thinking about getting a second one to keep in a different area!

Thera-Pawz Warming Pad
Lisa Provost (Ontario, Canada)
Good Beginnings with Thera-pawz

Just received our new pet warming pad today!
With a little encouragement my cat laid on the pad for a few hours! We look forward to her using it and it’s benefits!

Crazy Warm Pet Pad
Tina Montez (California, United States)
Happy old kitty

Our 18 yo Piglet the cat loves her pet pad. She is always so warm to touch after laying on it. Thank you!

Cool Pet Pad
Christi Gregory (Oklahoma, United States)
Love our cooling pad!

Worth the price. Wasn’t sure how well it would work but got it at the suggestion of our trainer. Our dog who is a Great Pyrenees with a thick coat and under coat loves it! Took him a few days to realize what it did but once he understood it cooled him down it because his go to spot to lay. Really such a relief we love in a hot state so was worried about him and this is exactly what we were needing. No more filling gallon bags of ice so he can lay on the couch we just move the cooling pad and he hops right on!