Review of Cool Pet Pad

Saves Hot Dogs from Summer Heat

Summer weather is here and I have just the thing for hot dogs everywhere – the Cool Pet Pad is green way to keep dogs comfortable.  With no refrigeration, water, or electricity needed, I put The Green Pet Shop’s product to work right out of the box last summer.  In fact, it’s going to be near 90 degrees in a couple of days, and I’ve pulled the cool pet pad out of the closet so it’s ready and waiting to keep my dog comfortable.
It does work a bit like magic.  A vinyl rectangular pad is filled with a non-toxic, biodegradable gel.  When your dog steps on it, and lies down, the gel base is activated and the cool pet pad starts working! I know this because I tried it for a couple of hours myself.

Cool Pet Pad Put To The Test

I first put the Cool Pet Pad on a pillow on the sofa and watched TV for an hour with the pad under my head and neck.  I had to ensure it would not be too cold for my Shih Tzu, Tashi, and test the length of time it stayed cool.  It was cool and relaxing, but not so cold that I had to remove it at any point.  And it stayed cool for that hour, too.  Next, since the cool pet pad is supposed to last for hours, I switched it out, shook it a little which reactivates the gel, and put it under my legs.  I watched TV again for another hour.  Yep, cool to the touch for another hour. (Do I know how to take it easy, or what?)

My Cool Pet Pad experiment yielded great results.  I smiled thinking my dog would enjoy the same relaxing effect I did.  It’s also helpful for senior dogs, dogs with hip and joint problems, sprains and strains, and after surgery.  You can use it in your car (but please do *not* leave your dog in the car in warm weather), your crate, and just leave it in a place where your dog can use it at will. The Cool Pet Pad is pretty cool and is award winning, too!  It won the Pinnacle Award for best product in its category from Pet Age in 2010.
Tashi’s favorite place as it starts to heat up is his Cool Pet Pad.  And when we grill on the patio, the Cool Pet Pad comes with us so he is always comfortable.  I love this product – it helps dogs in so many ways!

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