I Bought the Cool Pet Pad from you guys and my dog Loves it. It Gets Really hot in his Room and He Likes to Lie on it. His Body Weight Makes it Work and it Gets Nice and Cool Without Plugging it in. This is a Great Invention and We Will Probably Buy Another one So Our Other Dog Can Have One Too Thanks and i Will Tell People About Your Site. Take Care – RON in MIAMI FL

Ronald Morlein

The katpak is easier than I thought. I was worried my cat would have a hard time adjusting. Was not a problem

Stephanie P.

The anti itch products actually work!

Gary Sebastian, New York NY

Hi, stopped by your site. Great site. We definitely need more of this type of thing for the environment. I appreciate what you are doing. Good luck with it.

Peter Einhardt

Love what you’re doing – i read most of your medical articles and think that you guys have what it takes to make it. We need more pet supply houses to think green, because most of what you buy is cheap plastic stuff and there is so much of these things sold every year!!! Thanks again – Sara


Once warm weather moves in my Pomeranian “Taz” would retreat to the coolness of the bathroom tile. We literally did not see him for hours. I received the COOL PAD and placed it in the hall where he normally likes to stay. He absolutely loves it. I also take it in the car and to the groomers so he can lay on it when he’s waiting. For the first few days I would have to place him on it but he finally got the idea and now lies down by himself. It’s so nice to have him back in the living area. The price was very reasonable and I highly recommend the COOL PAD

Debbie Warren

Try the bamboo bowls. You’re doing a good thing for the planet. As a bonus, these are affordable and even more, they look and work! Such a deal


The Cool Pet Pad really works! No water, no freezing, no electricity! I still can’t hardly believe it!


I have a Lab that has problems with her hips. (she’s 13 God Bless her) Bought the cool pad for her and she loves it. I can put in her bed and it’s real easy to take with and put in the car. I think this is a great product