How to Throw the Perfect Dog Birthday Party

How to Throw the Perfect Dog Birthday Party

As pet owners ourselves here at The Green Pet Shop, we know that there is a lot of pressure when your dogs birthday comes up. But unlike humans, dog birthdays can be a little more difficult to execute. You can't get them a traditional cake, they won't blow out candles, and you can't ask them what they want to do. Luckily, we've spent countless hours perfecting a formula to make sure your dogs birthday is one they'll never forget. 

1. Presents 

Everyone knows, presents are a great way to make sure your dog feels special on their birthday. Take some time to consider what your pet needs are, or maybe look into something to pamper them a little bit. Don't be afraid to take chances, dogs will appreciate the effort no matter what. Use their birthday as an opportunity to splurge on your pup and make their life even better than it already is. The Green Pet Shop sells many items that any dog would love for their birthday, from our patented Cool Pet Pads, our unique and electricity free warming pads, and our bamboo bowls. Any of these would make the perfect present for a perfect dog birthday. 

2. Friends 

No party is complete without friends. Invite over a few (or a lot) of your dogs best friends. This is not only fun for them, but can be a good way to see a few of your favorite pet owner friends. A puppy party in the backyard, or maybe at the local park, is one way to guarantee that your dog has one of the best birthday parties ever. Maybe hand out goodie bags as well to make sure that your doggy party is one of the destination events of the year! 

3. Food

This may be the most important part of any successful dog birthday party. Unlike a human birthday party, you can't just go to the bakery and pick up a cake or a bunch of cupcakes. Luckily, there are a number of healthy dog party snacks that can be created for a memorable party. There are dog bakeries that will create the custom cake of your dogs dreams. Or you can make your own! Cakes aren't the only option either! You can make dog cupcakes, or even a three course meal! Either way, you can help treat your dog to a special birthday by creating them a custom cake just the way they want it. This is a key part of any dog birthday party and will be sure to make your party, once again, the most memorable dog birthday party of the year!

4. Destinations 

Ok, so everyone wants a dream destination birthday party right? Well those can be expensive and inconvenient for your guests. Luckily, for some, a destination birthday is right down the street! Take your dog on a special walk, or maybe take them to their favorite park! Combine this with one of our food or party ideas, and boom! Destination dog birthday. This is a surefire way to get your dog the birthday they've always deserved! If you don't live near a park or have a great walking route, a good ride in the car can be exciting for any birthday pup. 

5. Documenting the Event 

Ok, so admittedly this one is more for the people than the pets. But it's still important. Maybe even the most important part. As much as a dog birthday party is about making your dog feel special, it's also about forming a memory with your pet that will last forever. Make sure you take pictures, videos and anything else to commemorate the special event. After all, if you put all the work in for the first four steps, you'll need pictures to show everyone that YOU throw the best dog parties around. 

 Feature Photo Credit: American Kennel Club 

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