Collection: Eco-Friendly Dog Products

Keep your furry friend healthy and happy with eco-friendly dog products from Green Pet! We offer natural and eco dog supplies such as warm and cool pet pads, bamboo bowls and training pads, towels made from recycled materials and more.


Are earth friendly dog products safe for dogs?

Yes, eco-friendly dog supplies are safe for canines. Natural and renewable materials like bamboo are nontoxic, making it a great option for pet products. Bamboo products don't contain any harmful chemicals, which is especially important for products that pets use to eat or drink from.

Are bamboo products eco-friendly?

Yes. Bamboo is a highly sustainable resource. In fact, it can help combat climate change since it reduces deforestation. This is because it regenerates rapidly compared to trees. Moreover, bamboo has a lower carbon footprint and helps avoid fossil fuel usage.

How can I make my dog eco-friendly?

There are many ways you can go green with your furry friend. For example, you can use biodegradable, compostable bags for canine waste. Additionally, you can buy eco-friendly dog accessories for your pet. Eco dog products may include sustainable collars, bowls, leashes and bedding.