Accupuncture For Pets

Always call your veterinary if any medical emergency occurs or in the slightest doubt as to your pet’s condition.

This information sheet is designed to help non-veterinary people evaluate the health of cats and dogs. Its not a comprehensive guide and will not give you all the answers. Also, its not meant to replace veterinary care or advice.

Here are more alternative medicines for your pet! Acupuncture was invented by the ancient Chinese and had been used to ease physical ailments on humans for years. More recently it has become popular in the world of animal medicine. If you think that this might be something that could help your pet, you can watch this video to hear more about acupuncture for your dog and how it works.

Step 1: The Problem

Fran and David Horowitz take good care of their beagle, Alfie. When he began to develop mobility problems, they decided to turn to an alternative treatment: acupuncture.

He was in so much pain; he couldn’t walk up the steps. We had to carry him up the stairs. Nothing worked, nothing kept him out of pain.

Alfie’s case is not unique. Thousands of pet owners are turning to acupuncture to help with a variety of ailments. Invented by the Chinese over 2000 years ago, acupuncture is believed to help cure disease by stimulating certain areas of the body called acupoints.

Step 2: The Solution

You’re taking areas that have blocked energy, or too much energy stored in one place, and so there’s lack of flow. The needles actually cause the energy to flow evenly.

Step 3: The Problem Of Pain

The big question people ask is do dogs feel pain with acupuncture, but look at Alfie here. He’s very relaxed. You see, the needles are very small, and they’re only inserted a very short distance.

Step 4: The Effectiveness

While acupuncture is believed to help with all kinds of ailments, there are specific problems that acupuncture seems to be successful in treating.
Pain, impaired movement, restricted movement. They all seem to respond to acupuncture treatment.

Step 5: The Results

So is acupuncture really working for Alfie? Fran and her husband seem to think so.

Right after acupuncture, he’s very happy, very mellow, and he sleeps. He’s very relaxed.

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